Trash to Treasure – Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath!

Yard sale season is in full swing here in the Grand Valley. Recently, It has been one of my favorite ways to upcycle trash to treasure. Just like with this Upcycled Bird Bath below.

Yard selling is great, but with so many sales in the Valley it can also be overwhelming. Did you know that there is an app that can handle all the stress for you? It’s called the Yard Sale Treasure Map! It contains a list of all of the local yard sales and will give you details about what is for sale at each stop.

From the app you can even map a route so that you can make sure you hit all your favorite yard sales without wasting time, energy, and gas trying to map it all out yourself!

Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath

Check out this stunning lamp. The owner said that it worked the last time that it was plugged in, but admitted that it had not been used in a few years. After a little bit of haggling this lamp was able to be purchased for a great price.

The lamp just screamed upcycle and it didn’t not take long to figure out what could be done with it. With just a quick flip of the glass shade it was quickly transformed from a lamp to a bird bath.

The first step was to remove all of the electrical parts to the lamp. It took a pair of wire cutters to clip the cord, and from there everything just slid right out.

Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath

Bird baths and yard décor are fun because you can add a lot of flash and colors to them to help make them pop. This lamp was a little plain, so I added some red and clear decorative glass rocks to spice it up.

The glass rocks were a nice touch to the plain parts of the lamp, as well as around the rim of the upside down lampshade.

The lamp shade was screwed on and attached with caulking to help prevent leaks.

The only concern with this upcycled lamp bird bath was the base. Luckily it is very heavy and sturdy and stays put even when the bird bath is filled with water. If you decide to upcycle a lamp into a bird bath you will want to make sure that the base is sturdy enough to stay put.

Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath
Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath

Upcycled lamp bird baths make a great addition to any flower bed. This one is now tucked in nicely between some blackberries and irises!

Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath
Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath

What item do you have in your mind to Upcycle?

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10 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure – Upcycled Lamp Bird Bath!”

  1. Great work on this! The touches of color you added were so pretty. Projects like this sound so fun!

  2. I have upcycled so many junk items on the side of the roads!! This is a fun makeover that I really enjoy!

  3. That turned out so good. It looks really nice. I love being able to do things like this as well.

  4. Love this idea and I enjoy searching garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores for things I can upcycle. This would be a great gift idea for my best friends that is in the process of buying her first house.

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