Valentines Gift Idea for Your Handyman!

Valentines Day is just a few days away. Do you have a gift for the handyman in your life yet? Recently I stopped by Lowe’s and put together a great gift idea that any handyman would love. There was too many great ideas to narrow it all down to one item. So I put together a great “basket” of goodness using a tool tote!

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

14 Fun Valentines Gift Ideas for your Handyman!

#1. Every handyman needs a good pair of work gloves.

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

#2. Adhesives of any kind. As handymen, we are constantly using Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape! They are two great ideas to include with your gift.

#3. Beverages are always a great idea!

#4. Every handyman needs tools!

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

#5. Gift Cards!! Need I say more?

#6. Magazines are another great idea that your handyman will love.

#7. If your handyman is a welder, then welding supplies are a must!

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

#8. BBQ season is just around the corner and Lowe’s has all their BBQ supplies front and center. Seasonings would be a great addition to your basket for your loved one.

#9. Jerky! Of course other snacks are a great idea as well…but don’t forget the Jerky!

#10. There is a large variety of options when it comes to tool totes. Get something you know your handyman can use! Tool belts are also a great way to present your “basket”.

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

#11. Knives and other sharp tools come in handy on many projects!

#12. Flashlights and headlamps are needed in so many projects. Especially in crawl spaces and attics.

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

#13. Cleaners like Goo Gone are a great item to always have on hand!

#14. Hand creams are a great way for your handyman to end his day. Especially with how dry it has been recently.

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

Those are just 14 of the fun ideas that I saw while on my shopping trip. There are hundreds more fun ideas you can customize into your valentines gift idea for your handyman!

Gift Idea for Your Handyman

What fun items did you include?

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