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You might have recently heard that the Save-A-Life jacket program is going to be shutting down. Here is the original text below

Save-A-Life Jacket Program of Grand Junction, Colorado June 20 at 12:14 PM · 

Due to overwhelming losses, I am forced to announce the closure of the “Save a Life” jacket program this year. We will continue to stock the life jacket kiosks until our supplies have been depleted; 90 jackets gone in 3 weeks at a replacement cost of about $2500.00. These losses are unacceptable and unsustainable. The genesis behind the program was to save lives by supplying a personal flotation device for the day, with citizens responsible for returning the jackets to the kiosks. It’s a shame people take the PFD’s and keep them.

It saddens us to see this great program have to quit!

We have donated quite a few life jackets to this cause.

So, for every ten life jackets donated , Mighty Man will also buy another one! We can’t do this all by ourselves!

Please, help save a life! Our goal is 1000 life jackets by the 15th of July!

Have any hanging around? See them at garage sales? We will even come pick them up from you if you message us! Donations can be dropped off at our house in Grand Junction, CO. Message me for address!

We will take all sizes!!!!

Please please please help us with this!!

-Mighty Man Handyman

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