Why You Need Rain Gutters!

Why You Need Rain Gutters

As a handyman, I am asked questions frequently. One question that seems to be on the lips of many is, why do I need rain gutters? Now it might seem like it would be easier to just forgo the gutters and the hassle of having to clean them out. But I am here to tell you just exactly why they are important, and why you should not let them go.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Rain Gutters

1. One of your goals as a homeowner is to keep the rain away from your foundation. Rainwater can begin to erode the dirt that was built up when they built your foundation. Erosion can cause your foundation to settle which will in turn begin to cause cracks in walls, floors and chimneys. By not having gutters you are just inviting more and more water to seep down your walls and into the soil surrounding your foundation. This is not good on foundations of any type and can cause flooding if you have a crawlspace or basement.

2. It is no secret that rain water is going to get on your siding. Each time it rains it will be hitting your house. However, with out the rain gutters to help keep the rain coming off your roof at bay the water will have no where else to go besides down your siding. This can cause water damage, staining, and rot which can lessen the life span of your siding.

3. Having rain gutters can help prevent flooding around your home. Water tends to always run down the same path. Each time if goes down into the same pathway it will remove more and more dirt in the same area allowing it to begin to pool up in the same spots each time it rains. Each time the pool will grow a little more until flooding occurs.

4. We all have been feeling the bitter cold here recently. Now image what all that water around your home would do in the winter. Without a designated place for that water to go you will just be inviting ice patches to be everywhere around your home. Without proper rain gutters there is nothing to stop your sidewalks, driveways and patios from being covered in a slippery sheet of ice.

5. Water is good at finding every little nook and cranny to get into. All it needs is to find that soft spot in your siding to begin to get into your interior walls. This is a sure to cause mold and a slew of other problems as well. Not fun!

As you can tell I highly recommend having rain gutters on your home. I know that there are some climates that can get away with not having them but we are defiantly not one of them. If you are thinking of eliminating them then I think you should give it a second thought. The hassle of cleaning them out once in awhile is much less then the hassle you will have once that water starts to seep into your walls and get under your foundations.

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