Window Installation

Leaky seals, seeping cracks, or maybe just a fresh new look. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, installing new windows can provide a lot of benefit to your home. From an updated look, lower energy bills, or fixing a broken one; replacing a window doesn’t have to be difficult. I’ve listed below the steps to take to easily replace a window. You can also see my video at: https://youtu.be/S81G-ifBWc0

Preparation: The first thing you need to do is remove any of the molding, coverings, shutters, or anything else that borders directly up to the window. Remove the screens, blinds, and any other accessories that may block your access to the window. Any windows that you can lift out or remove should be taken out. Plan on breaking a few panes of glass, so take precautions by placing a tarp or other surface to catch anything that breaks. Always wear safety glasses, gloves, and other protective clothing

Removing the window: Once you have removed any parts you can, you will need to use a razor blade to cut the glue used to glue the fixed glass into the window.  After all the glass has been removed, use tools such as prybars or saws to remove the old window frame (this is my favorite part). You may need to shave some of the window trim off to get a clean and flush finish for the new window.

Preparing for the new window: Once the old frame is removed, double check all surfaces to ensure there are no nails or other protrusions, so you get a flush seating when you install the new window. You will want to accurately measure the space for ordering the new window and then subtract a half inch to give you a little wiggle room to get the new window into the space. (Don’t worry, the small gap will be hidden underneath the siding or molding when you finish installing the new window.) 

Installing the new window: You want a nice tight fit on the new window, so in order to slide it in you may need to trim a hair off of the top edge to compensate for the angle when you slide the window in. Lift the new window in place and set the bottom of the window on the pane and then stand the window up to slide it into place. Use a crow bar (similar to how you use a shoe horn) to help guide the top of the window into place. If necessary you can hammer gently on the frame to get it to seat properly. **DO NOT HAMMER DIRECTLY ON THE WINDOW FRAME! ALWAYS PLACE A PIECE OF SCRAP WOOD ON THE FRAME AND HAMMER ON THE SCRAP WOOD!** You will want to work on the corners and center of the window simultaneously to ensure it is centered. For double walled window frames you’ll want to pre drill a hole on the inner side of the frame for where the mounting screws will go, and where you will snap the little caps in to hide the holes after the window is installed (I recommend watching the video to see my explanation of this.)  You will also want to make sure the window is level side to side and in and out. After you have confirmed the window is level, place your screws through the pilot holes you drilled on the frame and snap the covering caps into place. After all screws are in place you will caulk the inside and outside of the window frame and replace any window fixtures, sills, or other components removed during the preparation stage.

If you need help updating your windows, or you want to recapture some of that wasted energy your single paned windows are letting escape, give Mighty Man a call.

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