Woodworking Tools for Beginners!

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Do you like to DIY? Do you dream of being a woodworker but don’t know where to start? There is nothing more satisfying than building something amazing with your own two hands. It seems there has been an influx the past two years of more and more people doing DIY and learning new trade skills. One trade that some are aspiring to learn is woodworking. But where do you start?

When pricing woodworking tools it can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many tools out there and in the beginning, you may think that you need each and every one of them. Lucky for your pocketbook, that is not the case. You can get by with the biggest and smallest projects with just a few beginner tools.

#1 Tape Measure – This does not need to be a crazy expense and fancy tape measure. Just a basic one will do. A tape measure will be the most utilized tool when building a project. Just make sure the measurements are accurate and you are good to go.

#2 Circular Saw – A circular saw is one of the most used tools in a woodworking shop. It is portable and can be used on just about any project. For this I highly recommend a cordless s you can take it and utilize it on exactly what you need without having to be close to an outlet. Along with your circular saw I would also recommend getting some jig that can help you such as a jig for cutting straight or for cutting in a circle.

#3 Power Drill – Having a good power drill will make every project a breeze. Having the pilot hole drilled will help speed things along. But that is not the only reason you will love your power drill. Other uses include installing bolts and nuts or even sanding your projects.

#4 Jigsaw – If you are thinking about making a project that has curves then a jigsaw will be a must. If you are looking into purchasing a jigsaw I recommend going for a cordless one.

#5 Electric Sander – On the fence about an electric sander? Just buy it! Your arms will thank me. Sanding by hand is tedious and you will save yourself HOURS of time by purchasing an electric sander.

#6 Bar ClampsClamps are a must for holding your project in place! Especially if you are making something that will need to be glued together rather than screwed together.

#7 Miter Saw – Another great tool to add to your collection. A Miter Saw will help you cut angles and straight lines and is perfect for 2x4s as well as trim, base boards, paneling and SO much more.

#8 Router – From cutting fancy edges, making rabbets, creating the perfect wood patterns, or hollowing out areas, you will use your Router more than you might realize!

#9 Table Saw – a Table Saw is a must have for any woodworker. You can do just about anything with a table saw from straight cuts, beveled cuts, angled cuts, cutting joints and so much more. This will be another most used item in your woodworking shop.

#10 Sawhorse – No matter the project you will need someplace to put it while you are working on it. Adding a sawhorse to your woodworking collection will allow you a sturdy place to lay your boards as you cut and saw your creations.

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