Yard Privacy Ideas

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No matter how close your neighbors are, when you step into your backyard you want to feel like you don’t have a neighbor in sight. Privacy is priceless and this summer is a great time to take a look at your yard and see what areas need a little work. Are you tired of staring at your neighbor’s junk pile or tired of feeling like you are being watched while your family is enjoying some backyard fun? Here are some great ideas to add some privacy to your back yard oasis.

Sometimes a basic fence is not an option, or it’s not enough privacy.


For years hedges have been a great way to get the privacy you are looking for. Hedges work great along property lines and can grow as tall or as small as you like.

Fold Out Privacy Screen

Looking for a little bit of privacy without breaking the bank? Fold out privacy screens are a great option. These screens can help you block off your favorite outdoor lounger as well as block off some unsightly junk that you don’t want to look at. Either way. privacy screens are great.


Looking for a great way to give your yard a private area? Maybe for seating, an outdoor kitchen or a secluded play area for the kids? Pergolas are a great way to add some privacy as well as some shade to your yard.

Trellis for Climbing Plants

One way to add some life to your yard along with privacy is by adding a trellis. This is a neat way to block someone’s view but make it look natural and inviting. There are lots of climbing plants that you can look into that would be perfect for any trellis. If you are local to the valley, think about planting some grapes around your trellis!

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains work great around a patio or pergola to add some privacy but can also be opened up to allow the air to flow through. Not to mention they can be a great statement piece in your outdoor decor.

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